Client commissions

Large stepped baguette amethyst claw set in 18 ct yellow gold with white diamond posts

After choosing a beautifully deep coloured emerald cut amethyst it was set in a hand-finished 18 carat yellow gold claw setting. A chunky 3mm shank with tapering claws and slim end bars ensured maximising the beauty of the stone, but with as much protection as possible to the corners and lower edges. Amethyst measures 7 on the MOH scale of hardness which is a guage for mineral strength. A diamond measures 10 and is the hardest precious gemstone you can buy, but not as a lot of people believe unbreakable! When making a stunning cocktail ring with a large stone always check that you are buying a hard enough stone. Stones such as emeralds and opals and turquoise all would be unsuitable. For more information about the MOH scale of hardness and to look up your favourite stones you will find information at the IGS (International Gem Society)

Unique handmade gold and diamond wedding ring

A beautiful ring designed with a client who had a very clear idea about the style of ring she wanted. This ring comprises of four slim hammered white gold curved bands, one of which is channel set with white diamonds. Through the middle also runs a thicker yellow gold band with a brushed finish for contrast. An unusual and very unique design, you won’t see this ring elsewhere!

Rose gold wedding rings set with facetted garnets

I handmade this pair of wedding rings for a client in 2016. The beautiful warmth in colour of the 14 carat rose gold combined with the deep red garnets sits well with pale skin tones. This is a perfect example of a non-traditional design as against the classic engagement ring and wedding band. Although the marquis and teardrop facetted garnets do not match they sit closely together as an obvious pair. Many women are now choosing coloured precious gemstones in more unusual settings as a more contemporary way of wearing an engagement and wedding ring

50th Birthday silver brooch commission

I was commissioned to create a large silver brooch taking a flyer for a 50th birthday party as my inspiration. The flyer was a lithocut by an artist so I decided to lift a small portion of her original design and create a piece in silver. The body of the brooch is made in heavily textured oxidised silver and I highlighted three of the birds in 24 carat yellow gold plating

Handmade engagement ring

This beautiful ring came about from a client asking me to make a surprise engagement ring for his partner based on an unusual rubber ring she used to wear which she thought she had lost. He brought the ring to me and I carved a version of it capturing its character without being an identical copy much to his partner’s delight