Handmade engagement rings

Engagement rings – a symbol of love, devotion and fidelity

Planning a surprise proposal can be very nerve racking. My aim is to take some of the stress out of it by designing an irresistible ring that will totally suit your partner. In order for me to get an idea of what will work perfectly it’s a great idea if you can get a feel for design styles they like, what kind of clothes do they wear, do they have favourite colours or are there already rings that have been pointed out to you giving you ideas and what kind of jewellery do they already wear? All these elements will point us in the right direction when it comes to designing the perfect ring.

Most importantly, I will also need an accurate ring size. This can be gained by bringing a ring they already own and wear on the engagement finger for me to take a measurement from. Alternatively you may well have already both been measured for wedding rings so you can always bring me that measurement

More and more men are now having enagagement rings made and it’s a lovely touch to add a beautiful stone to an otherwise plain heavyweight band

Engagement rings (especially if unusually shaped) can be designed with the wedding ring in mind so they match and fit perfectly together when the wedding ring is added. Meetings with me are not time pressured so you can take as long as you like to discuss these kind of details

Sapphires – the stone of many colours

It’s a little known fact that sapphires come in all colours, not just the famous shades of blue like Princess Diana’s world famous engagement ring. I think they are a brilliant alternative to a traditional diamond ring, especially if your budget is really being pushed to cover the cost of a diamond. Coloured sapphires are a very affordable alternative. If you are considering a subtle or striking coloured stone for your engagement ring you will not go wrong with a sapphire

I’ve created a small range of white gold engagement rings with matte and mirror polish ripple textured finishes. They can be worn singly or for a more modern look stacked in twos and threes in complimentary or contrasting colours. These rings are set with orange, deep pink, red, aqua, pale green, peach and black sapphires. Sapphires can also come in many shades of white, brown, grey and purple tones and in all sorts of beautiful shapes

When I make an engagement ring the stone is always the starting point from which I’ll design the ring. In the case of using small precious stones I like to keep the settings fairly substantial which will frame the stone beautifully as well as give it maximum protection against daily wear and tear. 

If you like white precious metal rings then platinum or 18 carat white gold will work perfectly with all colours of sapphire. If you want to soften a coloured stone then 14 carat or 18 carat yellow gold or rose gold will cast a warming light on it – this works very well with greens (which can look very cold in white metal) and orange, red and purple tones

As with any precious stone you will want a clear, strong colour and a symmetrical facetted cut for maximum light reflection. I can source a stunning variety of coloured sapphires for you to choose from to start your engagement ring design. We can then discuss your precious metal preferences and the style of ring you would like me to make you

For more information about sapphires have a look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sapphire