Redesigning heirloom jewellery

Pair of heavyweight women’s diamond wedding rings reusing old cut white diamonds from an heirloom engagement ring. These were sent into 18 carat white gold. The pendant below also used the final large beautiful diamond and was a wedding gift

You may have a piece of jewellery you do not wear anymore. It may not fit or it may not be your style. Rather than leave old heirloom jewellery unworn in a drawer why not let me recycle it into something contemporary and beautiful

I can easily take apart unwanted designs to free the beautiful stones to be used in a new design that will connect you to the memories of the old piece. Alternatively, you may just want to reuse the gold or platinum, although I don’t recommend reusing sterling silver. Designing around stones is particularly exciting, especially when they are unusual cuts such as the round and triangular facetted cushion cut amethysts shown in this project

Precious tones redesigned into a set of gold stacking rings

This selection of stacking rings was created around a group of precious gemstones that I took out of my client’s old fashioned jewellery. All the stones were beautifully facetted and included lime green peridot, deep orange and red garnets, purple amethysts and white diamonds. The diamonds and periodot I set into white gold for a clean, sparkling contemporary look with cool tones. The other gemstones I set in rose gold which warmed the colours. It is interesting to note that if you have coloured stones you can usually set them in rose, yellow and white gold, but white stones usually look more striking and sparkling in a white precious metal setting

Reusing facetted amethysts in a gold pinkie ring

This beautiful heavy pinkie ring I designed after being given a silver amethyst ring that contained three beautiful cushion shaped facetted stones. I cut the amethysts out and handcarved a shape that would give the stones a lovely chunky setting and some weight to balance out their size. Once the wax was cast in rose gold the stones were set and I finished the piece with a hand-hammered finish to give it a glittering finish to throw some light around the stones

Reusing white diamonds in new contemporary ring designs

A selection of rings that have all been made by reusing white diamonds that clients have had taken out of old fashioned jewellery settings. What a great way to reuse your diamonds rather than them sitting in a drawer unworn as they look so dated. Most round cut white diamonds are brilliant cut, which maximises the faceting and way the light is reflected around the stone, they are however machine cut. Old diamonds have often been handcut and have a wonderful naturalness about them. They may not sparkle in quite the same way as a brilliant cut but they have a real character to them and are often more highly valued