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Same-sex weddings legalised


Hooray! On June 26, 2015 same-sex weddings in the US were finally legalised. The United States now joins many other countries including the UK, Brazil, Sweden, Canada, Spain, Denmark and France that have already legalised same-sex marriage enabling gay partners to marry with full legal rights.

Tawny Phillips - Heavyweight Crumple Rings

Two men’s heavyweight Crumple rings in yellow gold heavyweight round, the other in white gold heavyweight square.

I have made many wedding and commitment rings for gay couples, with some of them travelling across the country to come and have specific rings made. A lot of the rings chosen have been matching but increasingly I find different people like very different styles and so I often end up making two variations based on a theme.

Some couples I meet have waited a very long time to get married and are now able to celebrate the increasing number of countries legalising same-sex weddings and are really excited about creating some really special rings to celebrate their forthcoming marriage – it is a real joy to work with people to realise these designs and to acknowledge how far gay rights have come.

My Battered & Broken range has been very popular with men and women alike and I have made some really large scale rings based on this design such as the square heavyweight designs for men below:

Handmade Gold and Silver Battered and Broken Men's Rings

My partner was after a square ring and I wanted something that looked almost destroyed… then after doing a google search I found the perfect wedding rings… and they were at Tawny Phillips. We went down to London and it was great meeting Tawny. Especially at seeing the studio too. Tawny did an excellent job. Explaining all the process’s that go into making the rings. We were measured up and we were sent two moulds which we loved and sent them back for them to be made into two rings. The end result was and is stunning. We both know we have had one of the hottest designers in modern jewelry create two very individual rings for myself and Jean. When we get hitched we will send Tawny a photo of the rings on the wedding day. My advice is go to Tawny and you will have something really special that you just cannot buy in commercial shops.

David Trouton

Also diamond set and split as shown here have been popular with women wanting something a little different


I’ve had 2 rings made by Tawny, one of which was my wedding ring, both have been engraved. Her designs are a little bit out of the ordinary, they suit my look and my lifestyle. I’ve always struggled to find jewellery I like up until now

 – Michelle Davies-Dowell

Some of the designs I have made have evolved into quite different styles from where they started over the course of a few appointments. Due to the unhurried approach I take to making wedding rings I think this allows ideas to evolve as sometimes ideas need to be lived with. Compare this with a relatively quick and inflexible decision needed when faced with a selection of ready-made rings on the high street you can see why the creative process of having your own rings made is so appealing. You really are only limited by your imagination (and possibly your budget!)

Twny Philips - Gold Diamond Wedding Rings for Women

The above picture shows two tapered rings of similar scale but one diamond set in white gold with a hammered finish and the other hand-hammered in yellow gold. Often couples choose the same shape then customise to suit their personal tastes. The rings are very different but essentially a pair. More and more people are choosing non-matching wedding rings. I think this is a lovely twist on a traditional concept.

Tapered rings such as these a very popular with women and can be adapted to suit all sorts of customisation or can be kept very simple. They are also extremely comfortable as the tapered part sits on the underside of your finger so very quickly you forget you are wearing a ring

Tawny Phillips Teardrop Diamond in White Gold Ring
Tawny Phillips Eye Collection

Eye-shaped rings in different coloured golds and textured finishes are very popular with both sexes and can easily work as a pair of rings with a theme but still uniquely different and non-matching

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